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View Diary: Bush is a More Colossal Failure than you Know (335 comments)

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  •  Sometimes when the despair (6+ / 0-)

    becomes almost palpable pain, I take heed in the notion (realistic or not) that bush has given a generation of Dems a winning campaign slogan, that his name and his visage will forever be equated with failure,

    •  Republican = The Bush Party (2+ / 0-)
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      Ari Mistral, greenearth

      I can see Dems framing the debate in 2020:

      "Republicans -- HAH! -- this is the party that gave you George Bush!  Vote Democratic."

    •  Not if the media clowns don't get tossed (1+ / 0-)
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      At the end of Reagan's term HE was a monumental failure spared from impeachment only by the grace of Dems (and some compromise). His administration - he himself was regarded by most sentient beings as being senile by then - had tripled the national debt and got caught selling TOW missiles to our then-great-enemy (as now, it seems): Iran, so they could fund an illegal "war" - much of the world saw it as terrorist activity - against three million Indian peasants in Nicaragua.

      And now? I'm surprised the Apotheosis of Geo. Washington on the Capitol dome hasn't been edited by Disney to carry a cartoon image of Ronnie instead.

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