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View Diary: Bush is a More Colossal Failure than you Know (335 comments)

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    is scared to accept the fact that they have been had by a rich screw up. They ignored Bush's track record, and,  instead of asking questions, simply bought the hoopla. And now that denial has set in- the Bush supporters won't admit they were had, used, taken to the cleaners, etc.
    It is possible that some refuse to see Failure Bush, because they can't accept that the President of the Greatest Country in the World is a habitual screw up, even though the screw ups are right there in their faces. They will do anything to avoid the Truth and admitting they are enablers of Bush's failures.
    And I think that, even thought some will admit it, this will not awaken them to action, but a simple "well, the next time, maybe I won't be so gullible." But, of course, they will. I wish I had a better assesment of mnay Americans I meet, but, I think, by and large, most of them are pretty dumb, when it comes to who they vote for, and who they let tell the things. And they have lost the ability to know when someone is lying to them.

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