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  •  But that was not the plan (2+ / 0-)

    They had a plan in place, and it had nothing to do with fighting terrorism..

    It had to do with one-party rule and re-making the middle east.

    When fascism comes to America, it will come draped in the flag and carrying a cross

    by TDW on Tue Sep 12, 2006 at 02:14:52 PM PDT

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    •  And remaking the United States (9+ / 0-)

      I might add: A United States with a unified executive rather than a balance of powers between three branches.  A United States of one-party rule (Republican) rather than two-party rule (let alone multi-party).  A United States of laws borrowed straight from the Bible, rather than a United States of the Bill of Rights.

      A United States with guilt by association...
      A United States with secret prisons...
      A United States with military tribunals for citizens...
      A United States free of democracy...

      And all in the name of promoting democracy elsewhere.

      The biggest sham in history.  The biggest lie in history.

      My fear is that the mess the Neocons have created nationally and globally will not be fixed before the end of my life.  And it makes me mad.

      When y'ain't got nothin', ya got nothin' to lose.

      by aerdrie faenya on Tue Sep 12, 2006 at 02:33:16 PM PDT

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      •  And don't forget (2+ / 0-)

        whatever laws would be in place would only apply to the "little" people.

      •  But of course (3+ / 0-)
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        TDW, donnamarie, Sick of Santorum

        The Neocon dream is rule by an uber elite and control of the masses by religiosity. They mean to do this on a global scale and they think they can be successful by taping into the inate greed of local elites and uber conservatives everywhere. Its going on in Japan, of all places, right now, big time.

        The plan is well in place an proceding accordingly. Uber wealthy neocons are funding institutes, like the Institute for Religion and Democracy which has been charged with the job of taking over main line protestantism by right wing fundies, from within. They have already succeeded in this job with Evangelical Christians, and with Catholicism - from the top down - (which they did with the sudden death of John Paul I, and his replacement by the uber conservative John Paul II who spent over 20 years installing uber conservative Bishops and cardinals making the conservative makeover nearly permanent) all that remains taking over main-line protestantism.  

        Meanwhile the religious right is infiltrating and taking over the military academies. They already have the air force academy.  Once they dominate the military academies, its only a matter of time, no more than two decades befor they dominate the officer corp. After that they'll try to ensure that enlisted men are also uber christians.  

        Banana Republics traditionally have reletively small militaries - simply because the elite doesn't want to pay for more than it needs. Plutocratic rule in Latin America has ensured that few wars were fought there - despite being as politically fractured as Europe.  

        Meanwhile over in Iraq they are expirementing with and trying to learn how to control vast populations with a small force. It is almost certain that the Neocons are looking forward to a permanent revolution in America.  Remember, as many have noted here already, these people's grand fathers all attempted a military coup against Roosevelt in 1934.  The problem with their coup was they didn't pick the right man to lead it and they didn't have control of the military. They are being much more careful now.  They have been working on this program for decades, and they are prepared to take decades more to complete it.  

        Remember the 18 families that funded the movement to end the estate tax? Just recently the Republican party held up passage of raising the minimume wage on the condition that the estate tax be ended.  Think of that. Basically, the republicans wouldn't grant a raise of the minimum wage to 300 million Americans unless we conceded to the interest of 18 uber wealthy families. Get that 18 families are holding the minimum wage down for the 300 million of us.  

        I mention these "18 families" in order to highlight the influence of just a very few people have over the control of the entire Republican party, and by extension, the entire country.  

        It may be a decade a way, but this nation is headed for civil war - courtesy of Bush, Cheney, the Neocons and the Republican party.  

        The public will find out the hard way.

        •  Yep, I have been thinking the same thing (0+ / 0-)

          If these hateful, divisionary tactics keep up, there is going to be a another civil war in this country.

          All I can say is, we, liberals and progressives, had damned well better learn to shoot or make plans to leave, because that is what it is coming to.

          When fascism comes to America, it will come draped in the flag and carrying a cross

          by TDW on Tue Sep 12, 2006 at 06:37:58 PM PDT

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          •  Note: the Air Force is pushing microwave for crow (4+ / 0-)

            The air force is pushing microwaves for use in crowd control.

            Take a gander at this diary from todays dailykos:here  

            I don't need to remind you that the Air Force Academy is the institution most saturated with right wing religious fundies, meaning they probably have penetrated the airforce officer corp the most thoroughly.

            It seems to me the chess pieces are being laid out carefully enough: Dominate the religious institutions with fundies; Use corp control of the media and religion to control the masses and the culture; Populate the military officer corp with religious fanatics. Use the military to control the population.  When all the pieces are in place, then bring a coup at the top.  

            I've said else where - my first clues that Bush was something evil was his shuning our allies before 9/11 - our alliances were a force multiplier - efffectively trippling our potential military power for the cost of nearly token diplomacy and listening  with respect to our allies. Cheap means to immense power and security. Shunning the allies was massively irrational.  

            Then, after 9/11 Bush failed to call for a draft. 9/11 was as big as pearl harbor.  In addition - Bush had could not know on 9/12 how extensive an armed forces he would post 9/12 to deal with a problem - he didn't know if there would be a boutique war in the middle east or an area or theater wide war in the middle east. An if an area or theater war erupted there, he had no guarantee that China wouldn't make a grab for Taiwan (we only had a show down with China over spy planes in the south china sea a few months before 9/11) or North Korea for South Korea.  He didn't know. And even a boutique war, like the two we have now, requires large forces for policing and reconstruction. For democracies going to war, the Powell doctrine makes absolute sense: use overwhemling force and get it over quickly.  

            If you need a big army, you need to start 18 months in advance to consript one. Also, the moral authority to call for  conscription exist on 9/12 and begins to fade with each passing day after 9/13... meaning the prudent statesman would have called for conscription on 9/12  or shortly there after.    

            The fact that Bush didn't call for conscription made me really, really nevervous.  I couldn't figure out how he could guarantee a victory without conscription. He just didn't know what the future entailed.

            But apperently he did know.

            The problem is: without the draft, the army is basically his personal, private play thing. With the draft he would be beholden to pursuing rational sound civic, civil and military policies else he would face an army of Cindy Sheehans several hundred thousand strong.  

            But apparently he did know that he wanted to pursue   military and civic policies that are anti-thetical to the public's interest. Which means that he needs a small professional.

            As time goes by I am becoming more and more convinced that Bin Laden and Bush are collusion some how.  We had no terror problems, now suddenly Al Qiada is producing videos weekly if not daily in the run up to our election. Its all to convenient.  

            Bush, Neocons, Republicans are quite simply a danger to our democracy.

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