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View Diary: Bush is a More Colossal Failure than you Know (335 comments)

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    The guy telling him he should watch Brokeback Mountain. Him in New Orleans the first time, recalling his drinking days. Absolutely disgusting. I think this was the same day as "Heckuva Job Brownie." Why isn't that disgusting belittlement of the disaster of New Orleans after Katrina replayed as much? Another thing that happened on that day, between Heckuva Job and getting out of that hanger in Alabama and getting on to his next leg, Mississippi, and finally New Orleans: he looked at the maps and charts with Bob Riley (the 2-bit former congressmen who got swept into office in the Gingrich revolution, but two years late, in 1996, go figure, and now the Gov. of Alabama, re-elected by 3000 measly votes), is that W goes off into a corner and proceeds to have his picture taken with every hardworking grease monkey IN the place. Smile and shake hands, Mr. President. C-Span filmed it all live. And remember the photo op with the Army of Mexico, up to set up a well-run kitchen?

    I still need to see the Dem ad that juxtaposes his "Nothing" (Saddam link to 9/11) and "My job is to connect Iraq to the war on terror," from Katie Couric interview. Priceless.

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