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View Diary: Bush is a More Colossal Failure than you Know (335 comments)

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  •  A constitution Amendment baring Corps from Politi (1+ / 0-)
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    Sick of Santorum

    A constitutional amendment baring corporations from participating in politics, also an amendment allowing for spending caps for political office campaigns and perhaps public spending is necessary.

    The sovereignty of the republic rest in the people, manifested in the vote. To the extent any one gives money, aid or comfort above an equitable share to a politician or civil servant is in short an attempt of undermining the sovereignty of the people and therefore is treason.  

    The penalty for treason should be severe, and include death in extreme or repeat cases: such as Delay or Abramoff.  And all it should require is intent to be guilty.  

    My guess is it will be a repeat of 1928.  Coolidge's nearly eight years of laisse faire economic policies sowed the seed for the great depression.  Wealth became too concentrated, poor people maintained their standard of living by borrowing money - same as now.  Hoover was a far more decent man than Coolidge, and was not against proto-new deal type programs, but his party was and they controled everything.  

    My guess is that McCain will squeek in, and anywhere from 6 months to a year and a half later, all the cards will come tumbling down, just like in 1929.  

    By the way, the republican party's policies paved the way for the great depression, which paved the way for Hitler, which paved the way for World War II and the holocaust. So you see Republicans are the root cause of the holocaust.  

    A leopard never changes his stripes.  

    They were wrong then, they are wrong now, and they will be wrong in the future.

    •  The Republican Party (0+ / 0-)

      Needs to be dissolved.  We need more than a two party choice.  We deserve so much better than this. Until we demand better, we will continue to get corruption.  Why?  Because we allow it.

      How long would Bush have lasted had Thomas Jefferson been alive?  Think about it.

      A country is not only what it does--it is also what it puts up with, what it tolerates. --Kurt Tucholsky

      by Eyes Wide Open on Tue Sep 12, 2006 at 06:54:43 PM PDT

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