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  •  That might well be true. However, I don't see (0+ / 0-)

    why you feel the need to be so condescending and disrespectful of them when they were in fact incredibly successful when they were being used.  And who says your ideas are so superior to others?  Maybe, just maybe you don't know everything, and should treat others with a little less contempt.  And be just a little appreciative of all those who came before you did for you, instead of talking about them like they were a bunch of idiotic yeehaws.  

    •  are you reading the same comments I'm writing? (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      daria g

      What I am certain of is that often Democratic party committees and campaign volunteers are lost in the reverie of some hazy past that no longer works today.

      I have no desire to play the generational game here. If you need your generation praised please see Tom Brokaw or someone who deals in those issues. I only wish for Democrats to win elections. Nostalgic memory sessions that keep us from winning the fist-fight that is politics get in the way. Take the "my generation is important, too" stuff somewhere else.

      (((And - it isn't as if the baby boomer crowd spent much time appreciating the work done by Democrats before them - convention riots, "trust no one older than 30", etc etc, speak to this.)))

      What worked in the 1920s worked there and only there. What worked in the 50s worked there and only there. And ditto for the 60s. Years from now I hope that those of us who can't get our minds around the post-internet technologies that will come along will not prevent the party activists of the day from getting the job done out of some misplaced allegiance to memory lane.

      •  Actually, that's not my generation. I just (0+ / 0-)

        have an incredible amount of respect for what those people accomplished it and how they accomplished it.  And I found your condescending and patronizing attitude very distasteful.

        •  ahem.... (1+ / 0-)
          Recommended by:
          daria g

          Instead of labels like condescending and patronizing let's look at the results of actions.

          And in our politics let's use the techniques and methods that work now.

          We can all respect what has worked in the past. Perhaps it is a little presumptive to think that I don't.

          What I would challenge you to do is go get involved in your local Democratic party organization. And when you get the chance use your thoughts to encourage the crowd who would rest on their laurels to get out and actually work. The party needs forward looking activists who aren't tied down by needing to be nice polite people and who think that they can win by getting their message out in a nice polite way.

          a little history. It was the bare fisted heavy work done by LBJ - who was despised by the sit-in crowd - that actually got progressive legislation like the Civil Rights Act passed. I think that our honor of the 60s crowd could be better put on the shoulders of the real campaigners who knew how to get back room deals and deliver voting blocks on election day. They deserve respect. They did the work. They changed the world.

          An example is how people have this rose-tinted memory of JFK - read the history, he was a hardballed campaigner. In White's The Making of The President 1960 we see a picture of him counting up the votes that can be delivered by the machine bosses. And he won. There is where the credit goes.

          Call me what you want, but I will praise the effective and hard working campaigners of any generation. But I have no respect for those who get in the way of winning and turn party politics into a trip down memory lane and who prevent us from wining due to some misplaced idealsim.

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