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View Diary: AA Considers Pulling ALL Ads From ABC- Because of Blogger!! (265 comments)

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  •  Letter to AA Corporate Communcations (41+ / 0-)

    Dear Ms. Cook and Mr. Carpenter:

    Like millions of Americans I was disgusted by ABC/Disney's creation, promotion, and broadcast of a willfully and flagrantly inaccurate fictional account of the events leading up to 9/11. It has become obvious over the last week that the writers and producers had a specific political objective, seeking to defame a wide range of patriotic and dedicated government officials through portrayal of events that never occurred and words that were never spoken.

    This intent was made obvious by the very selective list of pundits, commentators, and media personalities who received advance copies of the production, all of whom could be counted on to give glowing testimonials. As you probably know, no copies were provided to any of the Clinton administration officials, despite their requests.

    I gather that no advance copies were provided to American Airlines, either, since I'm sure you would have raised serious legal objections to the sequence of events depicted as occuring at an AA desk on the morning of 9/11. Why in God's name the hack writer Cyrus Nowrasteh and the incompetent producers decided to alter factual reality may never be known, but adherence to factual reality is not a strong suit of the most fervent of Bush's supporters, as should be clear to everyone by now.

    I assume that the issue of who's to blame for 9/11 is of little interest to corporate headquarters at American Airlines; your job is to fly planes full of people safely and efficiently and ideally at a profit. Inasmuch as the libelous and defamatory content aired on ABC/Disney makes that more difficult, I encourage American Airlines to resort to any and all legal remedies against ABC/Disney to recover your good corporate name.

    I fly infrequently, but rest assured that if you proceed with legal action against ABC/Disney I will fly American Airlines whenever possible.

    Good luck,

    Don Hammond

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