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View Diary: Novak Changes His Story--a Fourth Time (89 comments)

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  •  The most interesting thing abou this whole (3+ / 0-)
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    peace voter, larryrant, semiot

    episode is how we keep looking at different trees and never the forest.

    My bet:

    Valerie Plume was hot on the trail of nuke tech that was arrival in the Middle East. Halliburton was selling said tech to an Iranian oil magnate. And she was getting close to making the connection.

    So Cheney throw a snowball, over shot, and created an avalanche.

    While we are argue about how this was about Joe's undermining of the reasons of war for this administration, we have been pre-occupied and unable to see what she was getting close to.

    Like how an American company, under the ruse of off-shore shell companies, was supplying a rogue state with advanced nuclear technology.

    And how Cheney did business with said state when he was CEO of said company, and how that connection might catch up with him while he sat in the Vice-President's office.

      •  Texas Gut. (3+ / 0-)
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        Margot, peace voter, semiot

        That's why it's my bet. I bat incrediable well at this, by connecting dots.

        Plume - head of looking for WMD in the Middle East.

        Cheney - CEO of Halliburton when it did business with Iran in 1995

        Rove - Expert at mudding the waters

        Plume gets close, and remember Halliburton was finally charged, to dealings of subsidary of Halliburton out of the Canary Islands selling nuclear reactor core parts to an Iranian oil company.

        She starts to follow the trail, which would obviously lead back to Cheney. Chency calls Rove.

        Rove muddies the water, but accidently goes to far, but works in the end.

        People concentrate on Joe instead of what Valerie was about to find out, that has now been documented. Since everyone is stuck on the Joe and Valerie story, no one follows up on Halliburton/Cheney/Iranian nuke story.

        Common sense is my source.

        •  I look into pinche's eyes (2+ / 0-)
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          Margot, pinche tejano

          and I see his (or her) guts. And they're good guts. i'm a gut gut myself.

          Really though, I have always said, here and elsewhere, that Valerie was the prime target in this caper. She knew too damn much, both about Iraq and Iran. Her big mouth husband (thank you Joe - your mouth is a national treasure) was just a joker in the deck. Valerie was the ME-WMD queen at CIA.

          The link to Halliburton is possibly very interesting, pinche.

          The name is not the thing named, the map is not the territory. -- Gregory Bateson

          by semiot on Wed Sep 13, 2006 at 12:41:02 PM PDT

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          •  Here are links.sources to Halliburton and Iran: (1+ / 0-)
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            (this has delicious sublinks that will further prove my point)


            Of course there is Halliburtons own admission from their SEC filings:

               We received and responded to an inquiry in mid-2001 from the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the United States Treasury Department with respect to operations in Iran by a Halliburton subsidiary incorporated in the Cayman Islands. The OFAC inquiry requested information with respect to compliance with the Iranian Transaction Regulations. These regulations prohibit United States citizens, including United States corporations and other United States business organizations, from engaging incommercial, financial, or trade transactions with Iran, unless authorized by OFAC or exempted by statute. Our 2001 written response to OFAC stated that we believed that we were in compliance with applicable sanction regulations. In January 2004, we received a follow-up letter from OFAC requesting additional information. We responded to this request on March 19, 2004. We understand this matter has now been referred by OFAC to the DOJ. In July 2004, we received a grand jury subpoena from an Assistant United States District Attorney requesting the production of documents. We are cooperating with the government’s investigation and have responded to the subpoena by producing documents on September 16, 2004.

               Separate from the OFAC inquiry, we completed a study in 2003 of our activities in Iran during 2002 and 2003 and concluded that these activities were in compliance with applicable sanction regulations. These sanction regulations require isolation of entities that conduct activities in Iran from contact with United States citizens or managers of United States companies. Notwithstanding our conclusions that our activities in Iran were not in violation of United States laws and regulations, we announced that, after fulfilling our current contractual obligations within Iran, we intend to cease operations within that country and to withdraw from further activities there.

            And oh, I am big fan of Putin, the perfect man for the job in Russia.

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