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View Diary: Ugh. Democratic convention in NYC? (363 comments)

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    If my memory serves correctly, the Democrats ususally have more people attending their national conventions than the Republicans.  This means that the Democrats need to look at cities which have the hotel space available to serve a very large contingent.  That is one of the reasons the Democrats wind up in places like New York, Boston, San Francisco or Los Angeles.  Other cities which have that kind of capacity are Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, and Houston, maybe Dallas too.  

    It's just a logistical fact of life and the only way to get around it would be to reduce the number of delegates attending the Democratic Party's national convention.  Who wants to volunteer to tell a potential delegate that they're not going because the number of delegates got reduced drastically to allow the convention to be held somewhere else?

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    by PrahaPartizan on Wed Sep 13, 2006 at 09:17:42 PM PDT

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      A major national political convention must be in a city that can house 50,000-75,000 people.  They need to have a capacity to feed all those people, transport them, etc.  

      Logistically, these things are events from hell.  There are very, very few cities that can handle this.

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