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View Diary: Ugh. Democratic convention in NYC? (363 comments)

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  •  Minneapolis gets my vote, but Cleveland Rocks (1+ / 0-)
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    I'd go for Minneapolis over Denver. I've been to Minneapolis once, and it was a lot more eclectic than I was expecting. At least a lot more eclectic than Denver, which I've visited a few times.

    I guess I could see the political reasons for Denver, but I just don't think the West is a great place to get votes, if you concede Texas and probably Arizona. I mean, yeah, it's daunting to see that sea of red every election eve, but how many electoral votes are really there if you take Texas out of the equation?

    Too bad there are no border states in the running...Memphis or Nashville if Ford wins, St. Louis or Kansas City.

    Oh shit, what am I thinking? What are the battleground states? Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida. The Dems should pick a city in one of those states and be done with it.

    Probably Cleveland, if Ohio cleans house in the mid-terms. Cleveland is not only in a battleground state, but it's also a door to the industrial Midwest, which I think is the future of the Democratic party's push back into the Heartland, though Kos may disagree.

    •  Cleveland didn't bid for the convention (0+ / 0-)

      A convention in Cleveland might be a great idea, but the city did not submit a bid.

      •  Which partly explains (0+ / 0-)
        why Cleveland is the poorest city in the US. A major convention like this brings beacoup bucks into the local economy. If Cleveland has the required hotel and convention space, it was near criminal for the city's leaders not to have bid.

        The Dems should be falling all over themselves to have their convention in Cleveland. The Dems need Ohio to win in 2008 and having their convention in the poorest city in the US would be a great way of showcasing exactly what Republican economic policies have done to the US.

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