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    We (Denver) can't compete with NYC. We just can't, man. We've made some decent strides over the years but we're getting hit pretty hard by the economy and we can't afford to put the same goodies on the table that larger metropolitan cities can.

    This is like asking a middle class family to host foreign dignitaries with the same luxurious flair that they're accustomed to finding at five star hotels in the most globally-connected cities in the world. We just don't have those kinds of resources. It's got nothing to do with not having our "act together". It is, to some extent, a tax revenue numbers game but also about Colorado's interest in keeping urban sprawl to a dull roar so that we can preserve other state attractions and ways of life and about trying to overcome decades-old reluctance to embrace more progressive investments as means permit.

    If the DNC thought the amenities and bonus package we offered was 'disastrous,' then fair enough and to hell with them. Let them take their act to New York. That's where they really wanted to hold it all along, I presume. So let's just cut the bullshit and get this over with. Have the damned thing in New York and let's move on.

    The soul that is within me no man can degrade. - Frederick Douglass

    by Kimberley on Thu Sep 14, 2006 at 07:07:09 AM PDT

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