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View Diary: YouTube Take Action: Diebold Hacked (+DIEBOLD REBUTS) (267 comments)

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  •  Jeffrey, WHAT monopoly? You are misinformed (2+ / 0-)
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    STOP George, means are the ends

    Diebold is only one of many evoting vendors. ES&S, Sequoia, Microvote, Accenture, Hart Inter-Civic, and more.

    sorry, I really don't like being rude, but your continued misstatements (almost a highjacking it seems) just shows how little you've informed yourself about the situation, and about the REAL various problems with using proprietary software (i.e., software that is a trade secret, so testers and local jurisdictions aren't allowed to see what's in it) that was produced on the cheap, and released with inadequate testing. This is all leaving aside any possibility of hacking or malfeasance.

    and these aren't just theoretical problems -- problems with bad results have been reported in local papers by hundreds of jursidictions over the last 2-3 years. including simple failure of evoting vendors to deliver machines and/or election-specific software on time, and according to contract.

    of course individual jurisdictions award a contract to one evoting vendor, just like individual jurisdictions generally award a contract to, say, one cleaning service. that doesn't mean it's a monopoly.

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