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View Diary: UPDATE II: VIDEO OF BOXER: FCC ordered media ownership study destroyed (214 comments)

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  •  They don't need no stinkin' MBA (3+ / 0-)
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    cotterperson, snakelass, dnn

    All you need is your bona-fides as a wingnut first class- preferably raised up through the POD ranks as cadre trained YR- and nothing else. It is the politicization of everything and all that really is needed is a willingness to sell out your country for the benefit of the "party" and the oligarchs who pull the strings. In other words, engaging in teason in not  problem for you.

    As for MBA's- there WAS nothing wrong with that until the Wharton School and Harvard to a lesser degree decided "Business Administration" would henceforth be conducted as the Mafia conducts a busines "bust out". Drain the comapany of every penny of its assets and administer them directly into yours and the major stock holders' pockets.

    Business is not to make anything, not to serve the public, workers are a liability and must be paid as little as possible while their responsibilities are increased exponentially to cover all the work once done by the legions that have been fired to remain "competitive". When you've bankrupted your company completely, sell off its hardware to China.

    This has been done countless times since the "greed is good" 80's and continues. The manufacturing base is gone, the middle class is on life support and you and your MBA buddies have all you need and happily retire leaving the country to the tender mercies of the Oligarchy who continue to consolidate hard and soft assets under their control.

    There has been treason afoot in this country for a very long time. The top business schools play no small part in it.

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