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  •  Military pay (3.66)
    Instead, we have a professional army isolated, culturally and literally, from the vast majority of the American public.

    And being paid so little that their familes are getting help from food banks...

    read story from last Friday's NOW

    Our side must continue to expose that GWB is not on the side of military families. The administration clearly does not value their service very much, or the wounded would not initially have been treated like rats in a warehouse.

    •  Republican philosophy. (none)
      We pay our "contractors" quite handsomely.

      As you well know, Republican doctrine tells us that such "contractors" are obviously harder working and more productive than our soldiers, and frankly it's time for them to get off the public dole and apply themselves in the private sector. Paying these people with public funds and passing out free government cheese is only creating a culture of dependency.

      •  Flame on (none)
          the four Fallujah mercs show that the private sector can turn a dicey situation into hell on earth.  Even if they were delivering free government cheese to a nonexistent hotel. (Yeah this is satire, and what the hell were they doing?)
    •  That's just twisting the knife, really (none)
      I'm already completely beside myself over these young people dying for an ignoble bunch of assholes and their greed, and then to learn of military families getting food from a food bank, well that's just too fucking much.
      •  Yeah, it's pretty cold (none)
        Hang tough. I've been pretty freaked out too lately and it's a common condition. The good news is (I hope) that lots of people who don't blog are seriously concerned as well.

        A lot of my friends (mostly Democrats) are coming to a lot of the same conclusions that people here for Republicans, well, God bless them.

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