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  •  there are ways..... (none)
    there was no way this war was to be avoided.

    i must respectfully disagree.   here's an example... if we had enough people willing to act (say at least 25% of the workforce) along with enough people in agreement, we could have prevented the war with a nation-wide strike.

    of course, we couldn't have convinced bush to change his mind.  the trick is to convince the people that can influence bush - the buisness leaders.

    there are many, many other ways to nonviolently influence governments - even dictatorships.  please read gene sharp's "the politics of nonviolent action" for the theory and practice of nonviolent action.  who knows, the knowledge may come in handy.

    •  I've read it (none)
      However I think the possibility that the American people would have stood up against this thing in the numbers and in the instutions which count the most to stop this action was negligible.  
      •  we've done it before.... (none)
        the vietnam war
        the civil rights movement
        and many more...

        indeed it this the ONLY way major social change has occured in this country.

        people stand up when they are convinced to reconsider their position... more voices in the so-called "moderate center" would have helped.

        and we're going to need those voices now, to force the pull out from iraq.

        •  I agree (none)
          Concerning the futre I agree with you.  However I was very specifically referring to the situation before the invasion of Iraq.  People do not make such protests unless they feel personally involved and/or personally at stake.  That simply wasn't the case before the invasion.

          The examples you give do not speak in any way towards the situation I am referring to.

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