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  •  I remember... (4.00)
    an e-mail exchange I had with Josh Marshall in the lead up to the war.  He was hawking Pollack's bullshit and the message we were getting from Josh was something like "Gee, on the one hand, going to war is dangerous and will have unintended consequences.  On the other hand, it is clear that Saddam is a real danger...."

    I tried to point out that I felt that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq for a lot of good reasons.  But, even if you suspected that there were these weapons it should still be a simple choice.  When faced with an ambiguous choice.  Something that you are basically ambivalant about, why don't you chose the option that doesn't involve fucking KILLING people.

    I will never understand why that wasn't a convincing argument.

    •  It isn't convincing to those whose ass isn't (3.50)
      on the line. Josh and Matt Y sit comfortably behind their computers pontificating.  Just because they can string coherent sentences together doesn't make their opinions worthwhile.  The way I see it, the leftish war-hawks lacked the ability to critically evaluate evidence.  Thus they were swayed by hawkish rhetoric without the ability to evaluate the argument.  The fallacies of the arguments were plain for all to see.

      I'd say to them, welcome, but seriously, maybe they should go back to school for a rigorous critical thinking class, to complement all that public self-evaluation and introspection.

      •  I absolutely agree. (none)
        What I ask is that that ... group... I don't know what to call them, sit back, figure out their own house.  Really, really think. Follow their own process of thinking and where it led them astray.  Because they put faith in people and propaganda that we rejected. As you say, think critically, if need be take a course.  A real one, grounded in reality, in ethics and critical thinking. Maybe learn to demand more of authority.


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