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  •  I think you are wrong... (4.00)
    it was obvious what would happen if you bothered to actually find out the truth.  Perhaps some of our well meaning fellow citizens who were content to get their news from the networks or the cable outfits could have missed it. But if you were serious about it and looked at it objectively it  was clear that the majority of the people in Iraq did not want us to invade.  That was really all that was necessary to know.  Because it was always clear that if they didn't want us to be there, we couldn't.  It was also abundantly clear that this administration had ulterior motives, reasons that they weren't being honest about, as to why they felt compelled to do this.  I think it was clear unless you were either being fooled or actively fooling yourself.
    •  then show some references to back up your argument (none)
      I'll ask again (do you have links?) how many liberals were arguing that we would lose the war, or suffer severe casualties as we are now? the arguments I heard, were that many Iraqis would die, and some Americans, but this is different.
      •  Well that is precisely the argument.. (none)
        My argument was based on the fact that I actually know people who are from and have families in Iraq.  And it was clear from them as well as a common sense reading of recent history that the people of Iraq would not look upon us as liberators.

        And that was all you needed to know about our chances of prevailing.  Without the overwhelming support of the indiginous population there was never any chance that we could prevail.  The arguement I made at the time was that the insurgency would always be able to force you to chose between defeat and genocide.  This is really the lesson that we should have learned in Vietnam.  That when our forces have no way telling friend from foe, we cannot win unless we are willing to kill them all.

        This in essense was the arguement that those of us who were using the Vietnam analogy were making.  But of course we were shouted down.  Iraq is not Vietnam... As if the geography of the situation was in doubt.  No.  Rather we were making the point that the reason we lost in Vietnam was because we found ourselves on the wrong side of a nationalist struggle.  We predicted that we would find ourselves in the same position in Iraq and this is exactly what is happening.

      •  Wrong question, perhpas. (none)
        I'll ask again (do you have links?) how many liberals were arguing that we would lose the war, or suffer severe casualties as we are now?

        I don't think it'd be worth your time to ask how many liberals were arguing that we would lose outright. I think you'd be better served asking how many liberals were arguing that the war was unwinnable, which is a very different thing.

        I think you'll find a few, although I have to admit that as far as documentation goes, I'm starting from scratch. Let's look.

      •  I'm sure that Steve (none)
        Gilliard has his stuff archived is you feel the need.

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