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  •  Decisions, decisions... (none)
    Mark G, it's interesting that you evaluated the candidates on those criteria. It shows how thoroughly the Bush-Rove line penetrated your thinking at the time. You were impressed by those character traits that the Bush campaign played as strengths: resoluteness, sees the right thing and does it, sees the big picture. And you bought into the picture of Gore that the Rethugs pushed: no central core, defaults to the expedient position, and the biggest Rethug canard--weak on foreign policy.

    Of course, the same Bush character traits you bought could be described as stubborness, obtuseness, unresponsiveness, not being open to contrary viewpoints, aloofness and a lack of curiosity amounting to being almost brain-dead. Add in a streak of cruelty (remember Karla Fay Tucker?), avoidance of responsibility (Natl Guard non-service, business bailouts) and a juvenile tendency to demean others (stupid nicknames), and we've got the man sitting in the Oval Office today.

    •  Sounds to me as if Rove got to both of us! (none)
      I call it 'resoluteness', you call it "stubborness, obtuseness, unresponsiveness . . ."  -- but we are both seeing the same trait, just in a positive vs. negative light.
      •  Never! (none)
        Mark, I'm one of those people who couldn't pull the Republican lever if it killed me. During the 2000 campaign, I knew I didn't like Bush, although I wasn't thrilled with Gore's campaign. I thought Gore made too many mistakes due to an innate sense of caution. But my opinions on the issues could never embrace the Republicans' stance.

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