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    My point is not that the pro war liberals were right.  OBVIOUSLY they were not, and the truth is they should not have even needed hindsight to see it.  My point was just that Atrios and Kos are taking a very cold 'realpolitic' (if correct) position and totally slamming what feels like the more idealisticly liberal (if incorrect) position.

    Using the threat of force to get inspectors back in was a great start and one of Bushes very few fine moments.  Then we should have kept the threat of force up to get human rights watchdog groups into Iraq.  What they reported would have shamed other countries, including regional ones into helping supply the force needed to keep Hussein in line, which would have eventually undermined his regime, possibly even resulting in his getting tried in the Hague.  But all of it starts with the credible threat of force which the 'anti war' people were not really providing.  

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