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  •  Giving Powell a break = racism (none)
    I don't mean to pick on you, because a lot of us somehow thought Powell was miraculously going to do the right thing.  But there's really no tangible evidence of his being a decent person.  The only reason I can think that we cut him slack is that he's Black, so somehow we think he's automatically going to be morally superior.  That's my theory, anyway.  

    Incidentally, it was his speech to the U.N. security council that convinced me this administration was completely and irredeemably corrupt, like a festering sore.  It was just so full of crap.


    •  Powell (none)
      I think the reason he gets so mch slack is that he was totally viewed as a moderate before 2000. Everybody on both sides held him in high regard.

      At this point, he looks like very moderate in comparison to the rest of the loony bin Administration. (I still wonder if he actually has had any moderating influence on our foreign policy; world leaders seem to respect him more than the others.)

      •  In what way does Powell seem moderate? (none)
        I'm not trying to be argumentative; I just don't see it.  I mean, sure, Powell doesn't smirk or say things like "bring it on," but he's done as much damage as any of them.  And look at the son he raised!  
        •  Perception vs. Reality (none)
          I don't really see it either, that's just the perception. I think he's more of an enabler than an initiator, but it's hard to tell. Maybe he likes playing good cop. (And good point about his son, I'd forgotten about that.)

          But he does seem to have some sort of....I don't know, gravitas maybe, that the rest don't have. (As you say, the no-"bring it on"/trash talk manner he has is refreshing when compared to Rumsfeld.) I think that's why he was the one who went to the UN. Maybe it just means he's a better bullshitter, who knows. Maybe it's the veteran thing (although I understand he was involved in My Lai somehow or another).

    •  Is that me (none)
      you're not picking on, Tomato O.?  I'm not sure whether I thought Powell was a "decent person" or not.  But I did think he had developed an actual principled view about when and how wars should be fought, the area in which he is an expert (if he is expert in any).  Had nothing to do with race; I would have thought the same of Schwarzkopf.  And I doubt that I agree much politically with either.

      But given what I think was true, that Powell actually had a viewpoint that what the administration was planning was wrong, I really hold it against him that he did not do something.  In my view it makes him more, not less, culpable than the others, because he sold out for nothing at all.  In short, I thought he was the professional among a bunch of amateurs; and he didn't act it.


      •  He's guilty! (none)
        Yep, I agree, and I'm having a very difficult time with those who went along to get along.  I've been writing various elected officials and columnists for months and months, telling them that they need to come clean, and after they are finished feeling suicidal over what they've done, they need to work every minute of their lives to make this right.

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