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  •  I'm not that calculating (none)
    War is a seperate issue for me than pure electoral politics. Politics is about building coalitions, yes. But war ...

    Donating money to the DNC is one thing. Advocating policies that will send people to their deaths is another. Not that non-Veterans can't argue for war. But to do so without real evidence, and so, well, flippantly, is infuriating to me.

    So I'm not interested in building bridges on this issue. I'm interested on impressing on people the need to tread carefully when war is at stake.

    •  He's unconsious! He's in the zone! (none)
      If every bridge built by politicians was built consciously and calculated in advance, we'd never have done something as stupid as jump into this war with both feet.

      If I had to guess, I'd say probably less than half of political plays later adjudged to be "brilliant," or even just well thought out, were really planned the way they came out.

      I think it's also true that political analysis and punditry, like literary and artistic criticism, is all about assigning motives after the fact -- backfilling explanations that fit events that have already unfolded, often for completely different reasons.

      You probably think you didn't calculate this, but my spin works so much better for political junkies, who see calculation in everything, that by next week what I've said will be true and you'll be getting questions on Air America asking how you're able to walk such a fine line and keep each of your disparate constituencies so thoroughly charmed.

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