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  •  You have as much control as those pro war liberals (none)
    We have to face the consequences of our actions.  I don't really think I fit into the 'pro war liberal' camp as the war was too obviously a clusterfuck waiting to happen for me to support, but I guess I am more generally a 'pro use of American force to confront despotism under some circumstances' liberal, so I will play the role.

    The point is that the car was not parked. Things were not 'OK' before the war.  We had been bombing and boycotting Iraq since 1998, stopping would have probably resulted in Hussein murdering thousands of defiant Kurds.  Continuing would have resulted in more starvation and suffering through the sanctions.  To claim that pro war liberals are to blame for the fucked up war is fair, but the whole point of This thread is that we are supposed to listen to people like you now, so I ask again.  What would your policy towards Iraq have been?

    •  consequences (none)
      You know, some military sanctions, actual support for democracy, money for humanitarian missions in the large parts of Iraq where SH was unable to rule effectively, a real peace process in Israel, cutting US oil use by a bunch, a bunch of money and troops for Afghanistan so it could turn into a real country, and a reward for sending SH to the war crimes tribunal in the Hague.  I dunno, nothing dramatic, you know steps towards democracy and prosperity.

      But none of that matters. Once the junta seized power here, all of that was pipedream. Our choice was to cooperate with Imperialism-for-Dummies or oppose it. Those who supported it, because they didn't want to be seen as on the side of foolish anti-war hippies or because they wanted to pretend to be sophisticated or because they felt all manly and tough at the thought of Operation Mutilate Thousands of Children, have blood on their hands.

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