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  •  There's not way to read (none)
    Kos' post and not think that he was lumping everyone in with the "explosions are cool" idea. It was sad to see Atrios a sore winner, turning rhetorical fire on people who generally agree with him, and it's even sadder to see Kos do the same.

    It's also see Kos pretend that the policy of leaving Saddam alone had no costs or consequences and to see him act as if sanctions could have gone on forever. Or maybe he was in favor of lifting sanctions, acting as if Iraq were just another state in the global system, and watching it become an inheritable dictatorship.

    With this childish "nyah-nyah we were right" post Kos ignores all the reasons Iraq was a real and difficult problem in foreign policy. I'm disappointed; I'd expected more from him.

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