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View Diary: Plamegate: Toensing on C-SPAN [Updated] (40 comments)

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    That explanation from Brian Lamb about why they designated a line for rethugs (or rather for supporters of dear leader) gave me a bit of of hope too - so many anti dubya viewers were calling in that the rethugs could rarely get through.

    In a way dedicating a line for rethugs has sort of back fired on them - now they take lots of pro dubya calls, but most of dubya's supporters sound like nitwits - ususally trying to put turd blossom's talking points into their own words, but more often than not sounding really stoopid.

    One day I heard two or three twits saying that it was widely known in the DC cocktail circuit that Valerie Wilson worked for the CIA prior to Novak's column - I wonder what their talking point will be this morning.


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