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View Diary: Teacher's Lounge: I had too much to dream last night (53 comments)

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  •  Happy Anniversary! (1+ / 0-)
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    Beautiful  presentation , rserven... Now I'll go back and read the content :-)

    "Let us not be conservative with compassion. Be generous with compassion."

    by ilyana on Sat Sep 16, 2006 at 08:51:40 AM PDT

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    •  Thank you :-) (1+ / 0-)
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      If I had my druthers, the typeface would be a bit larger, but I've not got control of that.  I use the colored backgrounds because I have poor vision and it helps me be able to focus my eyes for as long as I will need to in order to comment to the commentors. :-)


      Teacher's Lounge opens each Saturday, sometime between 10am and 12 noon EST

      by rserven on Sat Sep 16, 2006 at 09:02:30 AM PDT

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