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  •  permission and power (1+ / 0-)
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    One factor that holds people back is their environments. To get out of a bad situation they need both power and permission.

    I'll give you an example. At one place I worked there was a secretary who was so bright. I was fresh out of law school then and urged her to go to college. But she just wouldn't and couldn't. It would have meant leaving her tight-knit Polish community behind. I finally got how hard this would be for her.

    She had neither power nor permission.

    To make such a fundamental change, a person must have permission - from herself - if not from her environment. And then she must have the power to effect the change. That's part of the problem I discussed a couple days ago in Barriers to Education

    Bottom line - it is very tough to move out of one's familiar environment.

    •  My black students had the same kind of negative (1+ / 0-)
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      support. When they took 101 English courses and started becoming aware of grammar and started to speak more correctly as in Standard American English, they were told by their friends and family they were getting uppidity now that they were going to school.

      They had large extended families and an uncle, boyfriend etc was forever getting picked up by the police and needing bail in the middle of the night. A funeral, a wedding, a birth, a sickness, a death was always in the works to take them out of class and eat up their time.

      In my case I had a mother who wanted me to go to secretarial school and become an executive secretary. My father put his foot down and said he would not pay for junior college when I wanted to go where my friends were going. Only a four year liberal arts college would do for him. I was expected to go for years as his mother was a college graduate as well as his father. It was just grade 13 for me.

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