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View Diary: "Twelve Traps to Avoid" By George Lakoff and the Rockridge Institute (197 comments)

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  •  It's distressing how many Dems in office (2+ / 0-)
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    don't sound like they have even begun to grasp these issues.

    Case in point: The campaign of Deval Patrick in Mass. It's vague. His tagline is, "Together we can." Together we can what? There's a lot of serious worry about whether this far front-runner in the primaries can really hold his own in the general.

    What disturbs me more than vagueness is the tin ear he sometimes seems to have for voters' concerns.

    Sample case in point: Should illegal immigrants get to pay in-state rates for college tuition?

    Deval says yes, absolutely.

    Frame: Democrats take the money out of working people's pockets and give it all to minorities and the poor.

    How about the slightest bit of imagination, instead?

    Give in-state tuition to anybody who can show tax returns proving they or their parents have paid four years of Mass state taxes. That's all you need to qualify.

    I've tried this out on random people. They love it. It defuses the immigration issue on this point. Why?

    Frame: Democrats give working people a fair shake and an opportunity to move up.

    All too often, elected Dems can't move past the old frames, many of which were invented by Republicans in the first place.

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