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  •  That's why I think the Dixie Chicks have it all (2+ / 0-)
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    Mauimom, neroden

    NOT READY TO MAKE NICE is the best video, ever.

    All the whining 'bout GWB, then Natalie Maines puts it into one sentence:: "What a DUMBFUCK !"


    Everybody kinda knew, so hearing it from DCX settles in immediately.

    Same for figuring out which Democratic candidates are a cut above. Consider this one, a major league national hero:::

    Coleen Marie Rowley MN-2

    She's the gal who did everything possible to warn America about the Moussaoui aviation threat. That ABC thingie got her right on the nose. Then her famous memo bounced thorugh Congress -- amplified by Grassley -- and produced the F.B.I. Office of Intelligence. All the money and all the brains in one shop with zero bullshit.

    Turning water into wine is less of a miracle than what Rowley did for the F.B.I. and counterterrorism.

    Why haven't we been attacked ???

    Coleen Marie Rowley.

    More than any other person in the country.

    Her race is up hill all the way. So far she's up from minus-20 to minus-7. She's going to win. Hard core Republicans by the 100's are putting her lawn signs out front of their houses....

    Jeffersonian Democracy and the Dixie Chicks are America's best answers to fascism.

    by vets74 on Mon Sep 18, 2006 at 12:02:58 PM PDT

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