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View Diary: Keith Olbermann Arrested, Tortured! (But Not Really) (139 comments)

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    I believe that had they not staged this thing, the Democrats would have been all over the legislation, and analyzed the hell out of it.  As it is, most Democrats have been content to just sit back and watch the Republicans tear each other up.  That keeps the focus on things like Torture and Inhumane Treatment, rather than the applicability of the legislation to american citizens.

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      farleftcoast, Soul

      The track record of democrats rolling over time and again on issues of national security makes me skeptical, however. My guess is the democrats would have done little to virtually nothing about this bill, fearing getting drawn into a trap of appearing "soft". My hunch is also that Bush would have relished a debate with the democrats over who is tougher on 'terra and suspected terrorists. So, I am still not convinced (but I could very well be mistaken).

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