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View Diary: Keith Olbermann Arrested, Tortured! (But Not Really) (139 comments)

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    this. No one has arrested or tortured Olbermann. The real issue is that there can be no "compromise" on torture. Either American values reject torture or they do not. I pretty much accept the idea that most proto-Americans came here and made a Declaration of Independence and wrote a Constitution because they thought torture was wrong, didn't want it in their country, and pretty much thought anyone who supported or advocated torture was not worthy to be an American Citizen let alone President.
    They will not torture Keith, they'll just put him in a box. But they will torture other real people, many who have been accused of no crime and may in fact be innocent. The fact this doesn't bother our President sickens me, the fact others may "compromise" on this sickens me beyond reason.
    If there is an issue that Democrats and progressives may walk out and refuse to participate in our so-called "representative" government, this is it. How anyone can vote to support torture in any form is beyond my comprehension.

    We have lost touch that we are a nation born of treason and revolution.

    by victor lazlo on Mon Sep 18, 2006 at 05:37:28 PM PDT

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