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    Also I think there was some effort on Bush's part to appear more moderate / acceptable by disingenuously agreeing with Gore on some major issues. Then Gore would speak the truth and thus appear combative, and Bush would take offense and be the victim.

    But really a lot of what turned me off was that not only did the two of them agree far too much, but that a lot of what they talked about the most were issues that I couldn't care less about (prescription drug programs?!), and a lot of the issues that I really cared about, (civil liberties, corporate welfare / corruption...) they wouldn't talk about! Perhaps there was some DLC influence at work there as well, especially when the big money comes into play.

    As we now know, all of those issues that weren't really addressed soon turned out to be very important, and on all of those issues, Nader sounded like he'd be a much better candidate. Not that he was in the debates, mind you--maybe if he was, those issues would have gotten more play.

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