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  •  Ummm... WoT is NOT a "WAR". (1+ / 0-)
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    Keep it in context, WWII was a WAR, to the death.  WoT is a Kool-Aid flavor invented by Bu$hitCo and sucked down by scared and foolish sheeple everywhere.  A very effective manipulation, that's all.

    The fight against Osama and Al Qaeda is actually a pursuit of international criminals for a criminal act.  Osama and Al Qaeda lucked out in that they were aided greatly by Bu$hitCo's nefarious reasons, of which incompetence is the least likely!

    At this point, Osama is a martyr and hero to millions and Al Qaeda has grown several times over.  Some "war", phaugh!  More like Bush's blowjob spa for Terrorists everywhere.

    Now contrast with Clinton, an actual, elected President with more brains and balls than the entire Bush clan put together!!  To wit:  

    • 92 WTC Terror act -- pursued thought he courts.  Perpetrators are behind bars for life.  
    • '95 Oklahoma homeboy terror act, lead perp put to death, accomplice given life.  
    • '98 Embassy bombings -- death warrant signed for Osama and Al Qaeda targeted as opportunity permits.  Long range planning started by Clarke and Berger to destroy Al Qeada.
    • USS Cole, in process of being nailed down until Bu$hitCo took it over and they stopped the investigation and pursuit of those criminals dead in its tracks.  Hmmm....

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