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  •  If there's really a history... (1+ / 0-)
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    Unitary Moonbat

    ...e-book/publication for next year's Yearly Kos, this series probably deserves a place with yours in its pages.

    From time to time, when people are doing compare & contrast on Vietnam vs. Iraq, I bring up the non-trival issue that Vietnam is a "natural" nation with coherent culture, language and so on.  Division into North & South imposed by external powers.  The converse is true for Iraq:  Not a "natural" national unit, cobbled together anyhow - again by external powers.

    A very important difference.

    •  Definitely should be in a YK book (0+ / 0-)

      These diaries make the history of Iraq extremely accessible - to relate such a complicated story so succinctly is really helpful for those of us who like to go into battle with facts at our fingertips.

      Good point about Iraq and Vietnam - very few similarities past the ones that even a Republican can point out: they're both overseas, and in both, American policy turned potential indigenous allies into Yankee-hating terrorists.  Tactically, the current quagmire is being fought a lot more like the Philippine War at the turn of the last century, with a dash of Vietnam-era "hearts and minds" thrown in.  

      "He shall bow to no authority and acknowledge no king." - Lucian

      by Unitary Moonbat on Fri Sep 22, 2006 at 11:39:00 PM PDT

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    •  'ceptin' that lots of nations are cobbled (2+ / 0-)
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      samddobermann, Unitary Moonbat

      together by invaders. The borders of Europe and Asia and Africa changed fairly regularly depending on who played heavy and when.

      The history of the 20th century is in many ways the assumption by the United States of the colonies of the former European imperial powers. For example, the US took over the remnants of the Spanish empire-- beginning in about 1898-- when the US started the Spanish American War with a cheap, lying excuse ("Remember the Maine!") which was a ship that was NOT attacked by Spain, as the US (mainly Hearst) claimed (instead the Maine had engine ent out but what the hell). That was the big lie and many of the history books have been sticking to it. In that land grab, the US plucked the Philippines, Puerto Rico and Cuba. As we know, the US is still trying to gain control of Cuba. While it was out there plucking, the US also grabbed Hawai'i in 1898. Later, the US started trying to pick up former French colonies like Vietnam and wasn't that a gigantic ass bite?

      As to the Middle East, I think there should be a moratorium on Europe and the US having absolutely anything to say about the Middle East and its borders. The West has been f--ing up the Middle East for too long. Time to let them alone to do what they can. Remember that Britain did the cobbling of Iraq and f---ed up the India-Pakistan border too. The Brits and the US now need to mind their own business.

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