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View Diary: Doonesbury's B.D. seriously wounded in Iraq (10 comments)

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  •  The Comics Coverage shows where public opinion is (none)

    The idea that public opinion goes through stages really does have merit to it.  And, in my mind, one of the really key stages in policy issues is when stories get off the front page (where the 5%-20% of people who really read the news and don't just subscribe to a newspaper read it and think about it) to the Comic's page, where front page stories are translated into how the impact the rhythms of "real life".

    In a war, it's one thing to look at the war from the perspective of generals and politicians like the front page section does, and another to look at it from the perspective of Privates and Sergents and families, as booth Doonsebury and Get Fuzzy do this week.  This signals to ordinary people that the abstract issues are suddenly not so abstract anymore, which prompts the kind of serious, practical, common sense thinking that you see in a democracy at its best.

    GWB's administration has been a very doctinaire administration, without much levening from practical experience.  This approach is coming to roost for the administration now.  The big question is whether GWB will make an about face to reflect those realities, which could save him, or will continuing to try to give by the book orders on his sinking ship.

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