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  •  The only hope might be fighting it... (2+ / 0-)
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    annefrank, BarbaraB

    head on. If the Dem's refuse to let the GOP frame the argument they could turn it around and shout about it,

    "If any other country used these techniques the White House is using, we would call it torture: ESPECIALLY if it were done to Americans. We already know tha at least one third of the detainees taken to Gitmo were flat-out INNOCENT of any wrongdoing, sold by corrupt security forces for $500 each, regardless of anything except their dark skin color. How can we as Americans expect anyone to follow our example...respecting the rule of law and human rights, when we have lost the plot and are trying to legalize torture? Experts on interrogation agree that these sorts of methods DON'T EVEN WORK ANYWAY! It's time to stand up for the American way of life while it still means something and for the Constitution before this administration renders it a useless piece of paper from our past. Let's not let the terrorists win and allow fear to destroy what makes America great."

    ...or say something like that. If you don't defend what we stand for, the terrorists win. Sucking up to Bush for Chavez' comments isn't going to save the party or most importantly, America itself.

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