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    Does this look familar?

    I,       , solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the Constitution of the United States of America, the Constitution of the State of _______, and the laws of the United States and the State of ________.

    I'm sure you signed one of these (for whatever state you work in).  I did.  Please note that we swear to support the Constitution of the United states, not the dimwitted monkey who was appointed to run it.  

    You're patriotism and your loyalty are to the Constitution.  NOT to the flag, NOT to the president, NOT to your party.  Your loyalty is to this sacred document that defines our system of laws.  If, by teaching of the constitution's demise, you become a pariah, then so be it.  It is your duty to protect that system of laws that makes the United States what it is.  

    I take that oath incredibly seriously.  I am honored to have taken it.   It is this wherin my patriotism lies.  I could give a shit about red, white and blue bunting, but I care a great deal about the constitution.  Our constitution is beyond being "at threat".  It has been suspended.  Unless the last 6 years of legislation is thrown out by the Supreme Court, or nullified by future congress, then our bill of rights are effectively null and void.  

    Currently, there is nothing left to stop them except the slim 5 seat majority left on the supreme court.  Once that goes, and it will go soon, there is nothing that can "legally" be done to throw this crap out (if the electoral system has been irrevocably highjacked).

    If our country has lost the ability for legal revolution (i.e. democratic change), we are doomed to tyranny or to civil war.  One or the other.  We must do what we can to educate our students about the grave importance of maintaining our constitiutional republic.  This new generation knows so little about totalitarian states.  They know so little of their history.  We must educate them so that they may carry on the torch of the enlightenment.  if we fail in this, then we fail history, and we fall our humanity.  We will watch in horror as our fellow Americans embrace jingoist blackboots with brownshirt smiles.  Our ancestors will be shamed of our ignorance.

    We are at the tipping point.  If it goes over, there will be nothing left but to leave, or....or...well...I'll be leaving.  I have children.  I will not let them be raped by christo-fascist brownshirts.  

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