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    Nevertheless, this is the only President I can think of who thought that it was up to him alone to interpret the Constitution. Lincoln came close in suspending habeas corpus, but that isn't remotely comparable unless you think that one half of the U.S. is in armed rebellion.

    By the same token, the stakes were never so high. In former times, it was possible to escape Washington's control, and even a complete meltdown there with a dictator setting himself up in the White House would not have implied the absolute end to liberty.

    Now, however, with electronic communication and surveillance, plus the unending power to tax and spend on the military, it is not clear that a dictator once in power could ever be forced from it, allowing us to once again set up a constitutional democracy.

    So, I think the current situation is not strictly comparable to any former time.

    The Constitution has always been something we can touch but not grasp. That doesn't make the current crisis any less real or dangerous.

    Liberal Thinking

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    by Liberal Thinking on Sun Sep 24, 2006 at 01:16:49 AM PDT

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