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  •  Adjectives such as reasonable and criminal (0+ / 0-)

    embedded in the Constitution leave room for debate.

    The Sixth Amendment clearly gives each accused the right to confront the witnesses against him, and since no evidence can in a criminal trial be introduced except through the testimony of a witness, that means there can be no secret evidence used, no exceptions of evidence that cannot be challenged as to its provenance, how it was obtained, and so on.

    If you were to go to law school, you would need to buy books with titles like Administrative Law A Casebook, Products Liability, and Criminal Law and its Processes.

    In my copy of the last title, there are no index entries for POW, prisoner of war, or Geneva Convention.

    If you wanted to serve as a lawyer in the military, you would need to buy a copy of a book on military law. The book would probably have MILITARY LAW in big gold letters on it and many references to POW, prisoner of war, and Geneva Convention in its index.

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