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  •  Thank you... (4+ / 0-)

    ...fixed. :-)  I was copying and pasting the basic html for the links and missed changing that one.  I'm now wondering what was supposed to have overwritten it.

    I've been trying to take some time out when I can, but mostly it has just generated a longer list of items left undone.  My partner has a new job as Women's Studies coordinator and I've been trying to soothe her worries about that in addition to my own stuff, so there is a certain amount of tension at home as well as at work.

    Being identifiably empathetic and sympathetic has also made me a target of other people who need help.  The professor across the hall from me is possibly past ready for retirement and seems to be deteriorating rapidly and I've become his mental crutch from time to time, helping him to remember where he is supposed to be, which day of the week it is, and how to operate electronic devices.  It's an extra duty I really don't need, but...

    Teacher's Lounge opens each Saturday, sometime between 10am and 12 noon EST

    by rserven on Sat Sep 23, 2006 at 10:00:33 AM PDT

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