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View Diary: MexiKos 9/24: Save Ballots for Newspaper Recount, say Legal Scholars in LA Times (30 comments)

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  •  Isn't Reforma a mixed bag? (1+ / 0-)
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    el cid

    Don't get me wrong: they lean towards the right. But they do often publish opinions from leading leftists thinkers.

    But, hey! They may be ready to be the new official mouthpiece of the Calderon government :P

    •  You are Correct (1+ / 0-)
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      el cid

      Hugo, you are correct.

      Reforma does afford Centrists, and Center-Left opinion makers a forum on their editorial pages.  

      But if you examine its news pages, especially its front page, you will perceive a blatant RightWing bias.

      I will never forget the front page I cited above, the day after AMLO accepted the nomination.  How could the headline read: "No dice Como"

      Not even the WSJ's front page is as blatantly RightWing as Reforma.

      And front pages of newspapers can be especially pernicious, when incorporated into 30-second (or in Mexico, 20-second) TV ads.

      Reforma's circulation isn't more than 150K in Mexico City.  But a front page headline denigrating AMLO can reach tens of millions via a national TV media buy.

      •  But even right-wing domestic sources useful (1+ / 0-)
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        I recall that (as first pointed out to me by activists and writers) even far right wing newspapers in Central America would print clear and obvious truths which would never be found in the intervention-friendly U.S. press.

        Even if you listen to the Voice of America, the official international broadcaster commissioned by the U.S. government, it has a broader range of opinions and information than the U.S.' domestic National Public Radio.

        Why is this the case?

        Because media oriented at a domestic population can only gain a sizeable audience if they have at least some connection with reality, whereas the U.S. press if it gets all excited for an intervention can make up the most ridiculous things and treat them as serious -- i.e., that Nicaragua poses a threat to the United States and if they purchased French fighter planes (or, when the U.S. blocked the French sale, Russian fighters) they would threaten to 'attack' U.S. interests.

        Can you imagine even a right-wing nutcase Nicaraguan paper attempting to persuade a Nicaraguan that if the government had 5 - 10 fighter planes that the United States was literally in danger?  ('You serious?  The colossus of the North would fall to Nicaragua?')

        Tactically, it's a very useful thing to quote from the right wing media sources, as on occasion they actually do reporting, and it makes your claims less easily challenged by the conservatives.

        •  Emphatically Agree (1+ / 0-)
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          el cid

          El Cid, I will agree with your last paragraph.

          Emphatically agree.

          Whenever ANY rightwing media source favorably reviews (describes) a centrist candidate (whether it be Reforma in Mexico, or CNBC's Kudlow program in the US), it is incumbent upon us as Centrists to exploit this mention.

          For anyone associated with Ford's campaign in Tennessee, I urge that you use some of the very favorale comments which Kudlow has made during his program (Kudlow & Co.) regarding Ford's candidacy.

          Kudlow is a RightWing economist, ardent SupplySider, former aide to Reagan, and has said positive things about Ford.  In a close election, exploited properly, the comments can make the difference in a RED state.

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