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View Diary: MexiKos 9/25: Secret Meeting Held by US-Mex-Can Officials, Business Exec's (46 comments)

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  •  thank you el cid (3+ / 0-)
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    Tanya, paul2port, el cid

    for this diary.

    i contend that there is now only one thing which will stop this agenda: an article v convention held under the authority of the u.s. constitution.

    the constitution is currently dead, yes, but it can be revived if a tipping pont majority of americans want it to be. thus the federal lawsuit Walker v. Members of Congress (06-244 U.S. Supreme Court) is newsworthy in that the question now before the court is this: did the lower courts err when they ruled that it is a political question, i.e. to be decided by congress, whether it shall call a convention once the requisite state applications have been received?

    if you have time el cid, please take a look at the following link. if you have any suggestions/comments about improving the text for the site, please let me know.

    thanks again for this diary.

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