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View Diary: MexiKos 9/25: Secret Meeting Held by US-Mex-Can Officials, Business Exec's (46 comments)

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  •  My limited knowledge of China (0+ / 0-)

    The "dotcom" boom that occurred during the Clinton administration apparently pales in comparison to what is going on in China.  The Chinese people that I know speak of great wealth being made over there, as well as "reform" which seems to be a conversion to capitalism without the accompanying conversion to a free and democratic form of government.  A lot of Americans are doing business there and making big money, and a lot of Chinese are making even bigger money there.  My guess is that the elites in the U.S. are using it the same way they use every other resource -- exploiting people and resources without conscience.

    As far as the book is concerned, I hate to think that you would spend your money on it.  If there is a way to borrow it that would be better.  It's basically pro-"free market" propaganda.  I put the words "free market" in quotes because in reality it means that the wealthy want to develop a way to make themselves richer without concern of being impeded by governments or any of the other protections that the people may have in place.  They view trade as not being truly free if they are prevented from exploitation.

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