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    Any Democrat that votes yes on this bill is an idiot and should be removed from office. Somewhere along the way the Democrats are going to have to grow spines. Either that or just go home and hang it up. They need to either decide they will be included in the process or just vote against anything they are NOT included in.

    As for Hydrogen, I saw something on it on TV where a researcher is looking at how to efficiently remove hydrogen from water using sunlight just like trees do. Since that IS what trees do, it CAN be done. The question is, can we make the process as efficient when we figure it out? What is necessary is a big push for Hydrogen, Fuel Cells, Solar Energy, in the same manner as the Apollo effort in the sixties. However, that demands "true" leadership so I won't be expecting it anytime soon. I would also recommend more study of Fusion powerplants.

    Of course, when discussing new energy sources you must also consider the social implications this technology represents. What happens if we develop technology that allows everyone to easily live off the grid? What happens to the companies that now control the enrgy resources? Regardless of whether you consider them good or evil, every industry does what it can to survive.

    Hell, look at the music industry and the stranglehold it is trying to put on new technology in order to stop it's slide into irrelevance and extinction? The industrial dinosaurs will wreak havoc on the judicial/political landscape in a vain effort to maintain their source of income and power. Unfortunately, they haven't figured out they can't prevent their extinction without preventing any progress. Adapt or die. They don't want to adapt because that costs money, so many of them will die. The question is how much damage will they do to our society in order to maintain their last strings of control? Expect to see the same behavior pattern from the energy companies in the coming years after peak oil has arrived.

    Also, what we also have to consider with anything the Bush misadministration pushes through is that they want as much red ink as possible throughout the US economy to more rapidly strangle any of the great social programs that have irked the fascists now in power for years. Any bill which gives away tax dollars without providing any income and removes constraints greatly aids this process which also puts more money back into the hands of the fascists running the country since these same companies now have more moeny to donate. It truly is a downward spiral of the worst kind.

    Do not adjust your mind, it's reality that is malfunctioning.

    by Alumbrados on Sun Nov 16, 2003 at 05:43:44 AM PST

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