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    jd in nyc

    I recognize that.  However, when universal health care is on the table we usually see the usual spokespeople on behalf of doctors and hospitals coming out of the woodwork to try to convince the rest of us that we should worry more about doctors and doctor incomes than we do about our own families.  I am making a general point that medical professionals are in much better position to benefit from changing economic conditions, including globalization precisely because they are much better protected than most of us against economic forces.  This is true, whether you choose to drive a Golf (it's still a foreign vehicle) or some other car.  To the extent that we can address the economic instability that is exacerbated by employer provided health care, we can level the playing field at least a little bit between regulated professionals and other types of workers so that economic benefits are more evenly distributed.  Realistically speaking, this will probably cause some pain to medical professionals, but they will still be better protected than most.

    There is a huge disparity between procedure intensive specialties and others that is embedded not only within commercial insurance reimbursement, but Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement as well.  If someone let me wave a magic wand around and change payment for medical care, changing that disparity would definitely be a personal priority of mine.

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