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    Mary Landrieu is a DINO extraordinaire. She even went for Owens and drilling in ANWR, two GOP stinkers Ben N actually passed on. Otherwise, if you check their records, on major votes, appointees, etc, they are basically like most-evil male/female twins. A DINO set for your dinette.

    Pryor also sucks quite badly in DINOland, so does Bill fucking Nelson. So do the whole lot of them, what the hell.

    But maybe the tag DINO is a misnomer at this point.

    DINO=Democrat In Name Only

    As I understand it. But maybe they are not in name only. Maybe, with so many of them failing us so miserably, maybe this is what they have become.

    Look, twelve senators for torture, tons for war, tons for bankruptcy, and medicare and class action kabosh... and now maybe Bolton? Chuckie likes him on Israel, probably the whole ME PNAC trip, cause Chuckie says he'd do Iraq again, even knowing what we know... just a few months ago.

    No filibuster on Bolton in the cards. No filibuster on Alito. No filibuster on bankruptcy. No filibuster on torture.

    Ever wonder why the Dems have such a hard time formulating a strong, winning message?

    Here's your clue. Lean in close and get this loud and clear:

    Too many fucking conservatives/hawks/rightwing fuckers in that much lauded "big diverse tent"

    See, there is no diversity, tolerance, beauty in the bigness of this tent. That is a scam, a con. It is diverse only in that it has a bunch of rightwingers in it. That is it.

    And once again, Lincoln Fucking Chafee makes a joke of them. You gotta love that guy. A lot more than a bunch of our dems. Really. I cant hate him. He voted against the war and the tax cuts and partial birth abortion. You cannot say the same of Landrieu or Nelson or a bunch of other Dems.


    Should a liberal Dem blog be driven into "safe zones" by a tame party, or should it drive a tame party to break out?

    by NYCee on Thu Sep 28, 2006 at 07:22:15 PM PDT

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