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  •  An American dictatorship will be unique (2+ / 0-)
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        An American dictatorship creeps upon us, yet it will be unique., Will it be more benign than Nazi Germany? How can we predict what events will conspire to change America into some monstrosity that will be unrecognizable? A bill that allows Bush to determine the torture techniques against detainees was beyond my wildest imagination just a few years ago. People are so different and yet, as in Germany where the Jews were demonized and murdered, maybe in the future it will be people of color. Just imagine George Allen winning the Presidency, or Buchanan for that matter.
          America is an amazing story , but who is to say that it will last forever?  The future is unpredictable, the number of variables are enormous, and yet, the future can be suggestive, of possible paths, if the people, in their malignant apathy, do nothing, fail to vote, and by default allow the Republican power grab to intensify after November.

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