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View Diary: Another Cabbie. Another Incredible Story. UPDATED (287 comments)

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  •  Hutu-Tutsi delivery 'boy' (2+ / 0-)

    Family owned big store, lost all in Civil War....worked his way is practical nurse in VA hospital, loves working with humanitarian activities like caring for the brain damaged, volunteered to drive for Red Cross just after 9-11 (blood drive week).......

    Still waiting after TEN YEARS to get visas for a wife and daughter! Last saw daughter, age 6 months.

    Not one employer cared to lift a finger.

    P.S. The supervisor said to change the channel in the VA hospital when Bush is on because the patients get too disturbed--this was after cuts were made to the food budget.

    Full disclosure:  My grandparents were among the unwashed masses to reach these shores a hundred years ago. Well, one or two were lower middle class.

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