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    Michigan Paul

    My Jewish radar has been going off since at least 2004 and I know at least two families who left before then, partly because of political reasons.  A friend and I talk about this often.  He has family in Australia and is happy they are out of it, although the tendencies may be building up there too.

    I don't have the added "stigma" of homosexuality and HIV+ and I doubt that I am on any watch lists but I've lived my life since the 60s with the understanding that, as Kerouac put it, they can fine you until you're broke and then bust you for vagrancy.

    I say stand up in the public street and say something.  Lech Walesa said they started Solidarity by speaking loud at the bus stop.  It just may be that if we start saying NO those who have been silent up till now will begin to speak up.  I say organize yourself and your circle and don't expect the politicians or the media to do the right thing.  We have to do it ourselves.  You always have to earn your own freedom.

    If you want to take this private, m00nchild, my email is in my profile.  You have my support whether you stay or go.

    Solar is civil defense. Video of my small scale solar experiments at

    by gmoke on Fri Sep 29, 2006 at 07:34:47 PM PDT

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