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    As McJoan wrote, any Republican polling in the low 30s in Idaho is in deep doo-doo. And the Smith poll had him at 14%. Sali's base is extremely small, for an Idaho Republican. Fundamentalist free market zealots are a definite minority, even here in Idaho.

    Sali won a six-way GOP primary with 25.8% of the vote. He wouldn't have won at all had it not been for a half-million from the Club for Growth (a third of that in independent expenditures for truly toxic attack ads). Probably half of the Republicans who didn't vote for him in the primary are either gonna stay home or vote for Larry.

    It's looking good, but in the ID-01, we absolutely can't take anything for granted - and Larry isn't, especially since we will probably face our own barrage of CFG-funded ads next month. The netroots contributions will go a long way here, so thanks again to everyone who has contributed!

    Humiliate the Club for Growth. Contribute to Larry Grant now!

    by Red State Rebel on Fri Sep 29, 2006 at 05:35:18 PM PDT

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