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  •  Yes, props to Jerry Brady (1+ / 0-)
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    He's running a kick-ass populist campaign, and he has a real shot. Butch Otter (the current ID-01 rep, now seeking the governorship) is running the worst piece-of-crap  campaign you can imagine, dodging debates and turning Boise's 9/11 memorial ceremony into a campaign event. He's got a good new ad out, but it's on a minor issue (renovating the statehouse; he and Brady both oppose it) that mostly gives him a chance to posture against big government. On almost every question of substance, Otter is either not answering at all or equivocating the hell out of it.

    Brady has a great campaign theme in "Idaho is Not For Sale" - perfect because Butch is up to his big belt buckle in special interest money, and because Brady has been fighting (and winning) some great fights since last winter, including keeping Sempra Energy from building a coal-fired power plant near the Snake River Canyon and making Butch back off  his idea of selling off public lands to pay for Katrina relief.

    Brady got 42% in 2002 against Dirk Kempthorne, now Sec of the Interior and then a sitting gov. Pretty dang good in Idaho. This will be another close one with JB netting at least 47%, though it's on no one's radar.

    Oh yeah, Otter (and the rest of Idaho's all-GOP delegation) voted aye to torture. They all need to go.

    Humiliate the Club for Growth. Contribute to Larry Grant now!

    by Red State Rebel on Fri Sep 29, 2006 at 05:48:54 PM PDT

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    •  It's been a long time since Repubs were green (1+ / 0-)
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      Red State Rebel

      I can still recall Tom McCall (Guv or Oregon in the late 1960s, a pro-environment Republican) and his famous line, 'Oregon is not some hussy that has to throw herself at every smokestack that comes along."

      McCall had a wonderful sense of humor, and IIRC, he oversaw making sure that the Oregon beaches were under public ownership -- which now seems like a remarkably long-sighted action.

      Back in the 1960s, Rep. Gov of Washington, Dan Evans, signed the Washington State Environmental Act into law -- which had been passed by a largely Republican state senate.  

      But that was  back before the Pat Robertson types and neocons and wingnuts took over the Republican party and turned it into a K Street subsidiary.

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